Social Media Marketing

For as little as £1 per day you can Target your market with pin point accuracy, making this one of the most cost effective ways to market your business online!

We specialize in one of the latest and most effective form of marketing which is……”Social Media Marketing”

Gone are the days when Social Media Network sites are simply community sites where people stay in touch with their friends.

They have evolved into VERY powerful resources in the world of internet marketing and are already becoming a major factor in Corporate Marking Campaigns.

All of the Corporate giants are jumping on the Social Media band wagon because they can see its massive potential. It allows them to connect directly with customers in a way that they could never do before, but the viral effect of theses networks means they can also connect with their customers family, friends and associates.

Check out these numbers and you will understand why Social Media Network Marketing is going to be so Important in the future and hopefully realize why it is so vital that you start building you Social Media Brand today.

Facebook now has over 1.1 Billion registered users and is growing by thousands everyday…..Facebook business pages and Facebook advertising a Very cost effective marketing method, if you know how to leverage its power.

Twitter is ranked as one of the ten-most-visited websites worldwide by Alexa’s web traffic analysis…..190 million users, generating 65 million tweets a day and handling over 800,000 searches per day

YouTube is owned by Google but what most people don’t realize is that YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine and generates over 2 Billion searches every day.

Some people dismiss Social media as an effective marketing tool but you just have to look around at what all the global companies are doing with their marketing. They spend billions every year on marketing research to find out what the next big trend is going to be.  So believe me they are all busy aligning their brands/businesses with these Social Media platforms because they know this is the future of online marketing.

Think of it like this, the kids of today are already using Facebook, Twitter & Youtube, now when they grow up and go to work, they will become tomorrows consumers with the disposable income!  So where do you think they will be searching for products/services and trusting recommendations from their friend & relatives?……….Social Media Networks maybe?

Facebook…..Twitter…… YouTube…….Are all here to stay, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with the consumers of tomorrow!

Contact us to find out how we can get your Business on the Social Media Band Wagon and start leveraging this very powerful resource.