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If your serious about marketing your business online, you need a  “Professionally Search Engine Optimised” Google My Business Listing  (previously Google Maps).


We can literally put your business “On The Map” within a few days and ensure your business can be found by thousands of potential customers that are searching for your services or products online.


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While the standard Google My Business listing is free, unless your listing is set up correctly, it will not be visible when you perform a Google Search.

A Professionally Search Engine Optimised Google My Business Listing is a very cost effective way to get your business in front of potential clients who are actively searching for your products & services online.

The reason its such a great “Return On Investment” is because once its set up, there are no ongoing fees except the time it takes to keep it updated.

We can ensure your business is listed, verified & optimised to display on the free Google Search results.

This is a VERY powerful way to attract Local Clients who are Actively searching the internet for the services you offer. If you already have a Google My Business listing that isn’t ranking particularly high, let us help you rectify that problem. We specialize in optimizing our clients Google Places Listings which means your business will have a much better chance of ranking on the 1st page of Google.

A professionally Optimized Google Places will increases the chances of your business appearing at the top of the first page of Google, but most people don’t realize that it also allows your business to be found on Mobile Phone App Searches.

Basically if someone uses their Mobile Phone Place App to search for the services that you offer, your Google My Business Listing & Business Details will be shown in the search results.

Example…. You are out shopping and you want to find a restaurant to have lunch, so you open the Google Place App on your smart phone and tap the button that says “Restaurants” and immediately you are presented with a list of local restaurants. You can then click on the Restaurant of your choice to get their Business Information……. you can even get directions to take to directly to the premises or phone to make a reservation. So if your Restaurant has a Optimized Google Places Listing, it is being presented to customers that are looking for a Restaurant in you location and you will attract more customers than a Restaurant that does not have a Google Places listing.

I hope you can see from this example how powerful this resource is for you Local Business Marketing, if your business has a Google Places Listing you will be in a position to attract more customers and increase your profits. If you don’t have a listing your business is missing out on potential profits and leaving money on the table.